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Federally Funded And Non-Government Hospital Systems - Free Essay Example

Integrated Health Care system is primarily the process of bringing together various system process and subsystem in the entire sector of the Health Care sector. The subsystem should be functional to ensure all the entire Health Sector operates more effectively and efficient hence the service delivery process improves as compared to the past. (Jameson Longo2015). When it comes to investor-owned, they purchase and try to own the entire Health Care system. They are given some rights of operation. While the Department of Veteran Affairs, VA, are governed by the Federal government. The Federal government acts like an oversight authority for all Health Care systems. The funds are channeled into the Health Care system under the watch of the Federal government. To add on this, funding is not limited during expansion and integration process. For VA, patients get to benefit as they receive universal health care and free services such as free screening for cancer patients, also the maternal sector is free of charge. For VA, the quality of services will be higher as compared to the investor-owned, a lot of patients will prefer VA due to intended benefits. Investor-owned (academic medical centers) often serve many of the specific medical schools and universities. Hospitals on this level offer a variety of different services to help treat the general healthcare needs of the communities as well as offering educational development to students in the medical field. With federal funded hospitals in the United States they tend to service a smaller population such as the Native Americans and Veterans and they family. The upcoming 2019 Budget for the Department of Veterans Affairs will provide veterans and their family, and survivors the care and different benefits they have earned through the amazing service they have given this country. The upcoming 2019 budget would total $88.9 billion of which $76.5 billion will include medical care. The funds will provide the necessary resources to meet VAs obligation to provide quality health care, services. And benefits to veterans and their families. If the VA and an investor- owned (academic institution) would partner there would be some advantages but some disadvantages as well. With an academic institution you would reduce the competition, along with obtaining new consumers, which would add to the amount of research and specialties to offer adding more grants and federal funds and other revenue. Just as partnering with the VA would give expansion of the surgical interventions, which would provide more teaching opportunity to the hospital doctors as well as incoming students. Making the hospital not only a great place to receive services but work and train as well. The only disadvantage I can see in the future is the possibility of case mix with veterans and civilians. I then recommend partnering with the VA as they have massive benefits to the Health Care system. The Health Care is given the full mandate to ensure there is a perfect integrated system under the watch of the Federal government. Hence partnering with VA gives the Health Care system the full responsibility to work with the government which makes it easier during the funding process, input of new technology and training. In addition, the Research and Development process is key in the Health Care system, this helps the government to plan for the future of the Health Care sector. Also in VA, the government will give a full substantial report on the progress of the system and how the integration system should be enhanced so as to improve the service delivery. (Block, 2014).

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The Secrets of Explanatory Essay Topics Exposed

The Secrets of Explanatory Essay Topics Exposed Starting off with a substantial occurrence, discovery, or study will provide you with more points in factual research too. If you're writing a dissertation or a thesis in the past year of your doctorate, then you need to collect first-hand data with the assistance of surveys, questionnaires and interviews etc.. You're not writing a report about it. Students may have to find out more about the topics as a way to respond with sufficient depth and complexity. When you are in possession of a well-formulated topic, it's a half success of your final writing. When writing an explanatory essay, it's excellent to stick to the rubric so that you're in a position to capture all of the info required, thus increasing the odds of the writer achieving maximum points. If you're going to compose an expository essay, be ready to devote much time hitting books. If you are a newcomer to writing informative essays or simply struggle when it has to do with thinking of informative essay topics, then there's a great chance you might be searching for some help. How to Find Explanatory Essay Topics Online It's possible to experience such scenarios. Explain'' is to express the info on this issue so as to make it even more understandable to the reader. When selecting a business topic, make certain to use a strong argumentation and see whether you can compare and contrast the issue to an opinion that you are thinking about! An explanatoryessay, it's necessary for you to know, attempts at explaining and presenting important information regarding the topic in question. The Explanatory Essay Topics Game The principal portion of your essay is composed of the paragraphs within the body. The majority of the moment, expository essays are presented by offering a wide variety of topics and methods to bring up the idea. There are lots of expository essay topics to select from. Therefore, if you prefer to have nontrivial expository es say topic that demands thorough research, choose something which refers to a technological region of study. For instance, if it's only a very simple essay then you may just will need to incorporate an introduction, a body section, and a conclusion. An introduction has become the most significant part your bit of writing. The outline will act as a blueprint for your true essay. Then the next step is going to be to find out more about the expository essay structure. The One Thing to Do for Explanatory Essay Topics Look closely at your language as it ought to be eerror-free Imagine your essay is a precious stone and create all its faces shine using an easily readable and unique language. From its name, you might guess that you need to have a very clear picture of a specific thing to be able to offer your reader with a crystal clear and concise explanation. If someone feels enthusiastic about something, they'll be prepared to devote much time creating a research and will achieve success. Think about a renowned person whom you'd love to meet and explain why you would want to meet them. Synthesize all the information and evidence you've used throughout the duration of your essay. If this is the case, you could have an excellent beginning to your expository essay. In your introduction, you might have laid out what would be addressed in the essay. You can't begin writing an essay without a sharp clue about what things to write. Allow the professional academic writers help to your informative paper! A strong thesis isn't required. The fundamental structure of an informative essay is extremely easy. Writing an outline is particularly helpful once you are just about to compose a thorough academic paper. In all sorts of essay, always make certain that every component of your essay supports your thesis statement. Choose the one which you liek to compose an ideal expository essay! The exact first step in writing an interesting expository essay is to opt for a wonderful topic. Essay writing provides plenty of benefits to students in the academe. You will receive your assignments written exactly based on your college's guidelines and we also permit you to file your assignments at the proper time. The perfect way to improve writing skills is by way of regular practice. Explain why it's helpful to organize your materials and activities.

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The Problem with “Hamlet and His Problems” - 1862 Words

Throughout the years, playwrights, especially William Shakespeare, have created some of the most stirring and thought provoking stories to be performed on stage. One of the most famous of Shakespeare’s plays is the tragedy of â€Å"Hamlet†. Most people would read â€Å"Hamlet† and come to the conclusion that Shakespeare is a playwright mastermind, however, there are a few that would call it a disaster. One of these few people is T. S. Eliot, who wrote an essay called â€Å"Hamlet and his Problems† in which he verbally attacks Shakespeare and claims that the storyline of â€Å"Hamlet† is more mixed up than the character himself. He firmly believes that because of the main characters random lunacy in almost every scene, that â€Å"Hamlet† was a failure in its†¦show more content†¦There were probably thousands of plays and operas in existence when Shakespeare was alive, but that does not mean that they are â€Å"strong evidenceâ₠¬  that he copied them. Shakespeare most likely never even knew that the â€Å"Spanish Tragedy† existed. Eliot claims to have more evidence that Shakespeare has attempted and failed to copy Kyd. This evidence is found within Hamlet the play, in its characters and scenes. He claims that there are â€Å"unexplained scenes† such as when Polonius speaks with Laertes, and later when he speaks to Reynaldo about Laertes. Eliot argues that these scenes exist in Hamlet only because they previously existed in â€Å"The Spanish Tragedy†. However, once again Eliot is mistaken. These scenes are vastly important to the development of Polonius’ character. And help to introduce him into the play. The both show his long–windedness and the fact that he loves to hear himself talk. The scene with Laertes not only highlights Polonius’ character, but Laertes also. In this scene we discover that Laertes is an obedient child, who loves his family, wants to protect his sister, and wants to go to school. The second scene with Polonius and Reynaldo then shows us the o ther side of Polonius. By sending Reynaldo to report to him about Laertes actions, it shows that Polonius is paranoid. He is afraid that his son’s actions in the presence of high class people will destroyShow MoreRelated Alienation in Hamlet Essay745 Words   |  3 PagesAlienation in Hamlet In Hamlet, Shakespeare depicts alienation among the younger characters. Trusting no one, Claudius, the new king, and Polonius send out spies to obtain information from others to assure Claudiuss rule of Denmark runs smoothly. Claudius killed Old Hamlet for the rule of Denmark and he fears that Hamlet might know of the murder. Both Claudius and Polonius spy on Hamlet to find out if he knows of the murder. Polonius sends his daughter, Ophelia, out to also gain informationRead MoreThe Root Of Many Problems956 Words   |  4 PagesMany Problems In William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, the main character Hamlet has the dilemma of having not one but multiple problems to deal with. Hamlet’s main difficulty cannot be isolated because Hamlet has too many problems. In reality, Hamlet has multiple problems that attack him in a very strategic order. The first of his many problems is the appearance of his father, King Hamlet s ghost. As The Ghost gives Hamlet the command to kill his uncle, we see Hamlet s morality become a problem. HisRead MoreFeigning Madness Or Truly Insane?1173 Words   |  5 PagesShakespeare’s Hamlet each of the characters face many trials and tribulations throughout the play. Hamlet, the main character, suffers the most. While Hamlet deals with all of the problems he faces, he becomes mentally unstable. Some believe that Hamlet just feigned madness while others believe that he actually became insane. Hamlet began to face insanity after the marriage of his mother and uncle and his problems on ly became worse which leads to Hamlet truly becoming insane. The first problem in the playRead MoreHamlets Understanding Of Death And The Afterlife1143 Words   |  5 Pagesdeath and the afterlife shifts to accommodate his emotional state and the needs of his conscience. Deep down, Hamlet doesn t believe in a true â€Å"afterlife†. After seeing the sins of man, he has a hard time believing that we deserve such a fate and seems to almost hope that all that awaits is peaceful nothingness. However, certain situations cause Hamlet to shift his views as a way to console his conscience and help him to avoid facing his own problems. Hamlets complex conscience can be dissected throughRead MoreHamlets Struggle Essay1592 Words   |  7 Pagestragedy, Hamlet, entertains the title characters split between head and heart, and accordingly, the arduous struggle he must endure in order to reconcile the two. It is a difficult struggle that is generated by the necessity to unite the two internal counterparts of human consciousness, head (logic and r eason) and heart (passions and emotions). From the very beginning of the play, Hamlet is split against himself in a state of entrapment, which is spawned by the unbearable situation with his familyRead MoreEssay about Hamlets Anger and Morality in William Shakespeares Hamlet1540 Words   |  7 PagesAnger and Morality in William Shakespeares Hamlet In Shakespeares Hamlet, Hamlet is faced with emotional and physical hardship. The suffering that he endures causes his character to develop certain idiosyncrasies. Morality has a significant importance to Hamlet. At the beginning of the play, Hamlet possesses a strong sense of morality. A sense that is stronger than all other characters. Hamlets actions and feelings are controlled by his morality. His morality grows weaker as the play progressesRead MoreComparing Hamlet and Oedipus the King Essay example652 Words   |  3 PagesImages of disease dominate Shakespeares Hamlet as well as Sophocles play, Oedipus the King, Both Hamlet and Oedipus face many problems with death. Hamlet is seeking out the killer of his father as well as Oedipus. They feel that justice hasnt been served properly and they must seek out the killer of their fathers in order for justice to be served. In both Hamlet and Oedipus the King, there is mass turmoil amongst family relationships, the inner proble ms they face, and the lack of free will theyRead More Hamlets Hesitation as his Tragic Flaw in Hamlet by Shakespeare797 Words   |  4 PagesHesitation as his Tragic Flaw in Hamlet by Shakespeare In the play Hamlet, Hamlet is described as daring, brave, loyal, and intelligent. However, he is always consumed by his own thoughts, this being his tragic flaw. There are numerous times Hamlet does not act when he should, like his inability to act on his fathers murder, his mothers marriage, and his uncles assuming of the throne. Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder, says the ghost of Hamlet. The fact that his own uncleRead MoreRenaissance Play In Hamlet753 Words   |  4 Pagesthat probably did everything; the good, the bad, the strange and the ugly. Nonetheless, Hamlet gets sympathy for his plight, which tends to diminish the grotesque oblique personae that he is. As the most popular and one of the most analyzed works of Shakespeare, Hamlet captures the height of the tragedy that represents an ideal Renaissance classic in the sense of its many uncertainties and quests (Hirsh 133). Hamlet transcends the renaissance because he gives us a glimpse of the modern while also conveyingRead MoreEssay on Hamlets Problem629 Words   |  3 Pages Hamlets Problem In the play Hamlet, Hamlet is described as daring, brave, loyal, and intelligent, but he is consumed by his own thoughts. Hamletamp;#8217;s inability to act on his fatheramp;#8217;s murder, his motheramp;#8217;s marriage, and his uncle assuming of the thrown are all evidence that Hamlet doesnamp;#8217;t know what is going on in his own life. amp;#8220;Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder,; demands the ghost in (Act I, Scene 5, line 23). The fact that his own uncle

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All Things Not Being Equal - 827 Words

All Things Not Being Equal An ongoing debate continues in the academic and scientific world of psychology in regards to the measurement of hypotheses, theories, and phenomenon. For the researcher, the argument is worrisome as well as tedious in nature. Most have the desire for the greatest statisticians to arrive at a consensus or standard, and allow the remainder to return to research business as usual. Very few if any researchers enjoy, comprehend, or desire to be knee deep in what a p value really means, other than the significance of the effect is less than .05. A statistically significant result allows for a positive hypothesis and a possible publication. However, an honest interpretation of statistical data would be more apt to produce a flawed literary publication that could be less than accurate. For this reason, psychology implores replication as the gold standard for research results. Reliability and validity are the foundational aspects of psychological science; without replication, there is little evidence to support the construct tested. Statistically speaking, results from research must be available and â€Å"empirically evaluated to determine their merit† (Thomas Hersen, 2011, p. 9). Thus, when new measures of statistical inference are used, the same evaluative process is applied. An example opined from Iverson, Wagenmakers, and Lee (2010) offer a paradoxical example applied to a new statistic that could not stand up to the scientific muster of replication.Show MoreRelated All Things Being Equal Essay1062 Words   |  5 PagesAll Things Being Equal Most of us have heard Martin Luther Kings I Have a Dream speech, or part of it, at some point in our lives. In 1964, one year after the speech was given, Lyndon B. Johnson signed Executive Order 11246, which signaled the birth of affirmative action. Affirmative action refers to efforts to increase educational and employment opportunities for minorities and women. In November, 1997, California voters did away with affirmative action [at the state level] by passing propositionRead MoreAnalysis Of Animal Farm, By George Orwell1235 Words   |  5 Pagesthe Soviet Union. Animal farm includes use of propaganda as well. A quote for example would be â€Å"some animals are equal but some are more equal than others.† I think that this book fits that quote very well as the author makes Napoleon along with Snowball are the leaders of the rebellion against Jones. A few questions that come to mind are, how does one define one animal being more equal than others? Why is a certain animal favored over the others? Why are there two leaders of the same animal andRead MoreEquality In Harrison Bergeron, The Scarlet Ibis, And Brownies884 Words   |  4 Pagesbecause everyone would have to have an equal intelligence. Doesn’t that sound weird an equal intelligence, equal strength, and much more that would make things so much different. That doesn’t sound good to me I don’t think everyone should be treated equally. Harrison Bergeron, The Scarlet Ibis, and Brownies all share this in common they want people to be equal and when they try to treat people as equal they sometimes don’t take into concentration some things about them or if they have different waysRead MoreThe Communist Manifesto Essay546 Words   |  3 PagesMarx is living in a world he is not happy with, and seems to think that he has the perfect solution. I am a strong believer in his ideas. We are living in a time period with a huge class struggle. The Bourgroise exploits and the proletariat are being exploited. Marx did not like the way this society was and searched for a solution. Marx looked for â€Å"universal laws of human behavior that would explain and predict the future course of events (36). He saw an unavoidable growth and change in societyRead MoreI Have A Dream Speech By Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.926 Words   |  4 Pagesof men. In his speech he quoted words directly from the Declaration of Independence stating, â€Å"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal† (King, Jr). Even though the United States was founded two whole centuries before the MLK’s speech, there was still an issue about the equality of some. The Declaration of Independence was our break up letter with Great Britain, and createdRead MoreGender Equality And The Equal Rights1314 Words   |  6 Pagesrefers to the equal rights and opportunities presented to both genders: Men and Women. I chose this topic because I believe it is a topic that is in need of improvement in most cases including that of society and the church.They both have standard views that women and men have different parts to play in society and different roles that are associated with them; thus I want to show how such views can be both right and very wrong; the world that most people hope for is a country that has equal balance ofRead MoreSocrates s Theory Of Knowledge1130 Words   |  5 Pageshas an opposite, and there is a special process that exists that transforms it from one state to another (Phaedo 71a-d). He then carries on this conversation of opposites to the body. First, Socrates asks Cebes, â€Å"Then, Cebes, living creatures and things come to be from the dead†¦ Then our souls exist in the underworld† (71d). Later on, Socrates continues this thinking by saying, â€Å"It is agreed between us then that the living come from the dead in this way no less than the dead from the living, andRead MoreMen and Women Treated Equally635 Words   |  3 PagesI am going to be discussing equality amongst men and women. I am going to explain many different reasons why women should be treated equal to men. I am also going to get you a reason why some would think that women aren’t equals to men. While there are some things men to better because they are naturally stronger than women, I do think that women and men are equal because women are just as strong as men mentally and spiritually and that is very important. Women have proven over the years that asRead MoreAfrican American Movements in the 20th Century1107 Words   |  4 Pagesthe viewpoints in America and how society would be. As a whole it changed society an d the rights now given to all people regardless of skin color. It was a breakthrough and a relief given to people of color, their main goal was equality for all. The Modern Civil Rights Movement was all about equality. African American just wanted their own â€Å"piece of the pie† in society. To be given equal rights and opportunity. They were nonviolent, usually focused on Judea-Christian tradition. They focused on moralityRead MoreThe Metaphysical Point Behind The Opening Question975 Words   |  4 Pagesopening question is to show that there is another thing that exists called the Equal. The best evidence to this is found in the line, â€Å"I do not mean a stick equal to a stick or a stone to a stone, or anything of that kind, but something else beyond all these, the Equal itself,† (74a5-74a8). Plato makes it clear he is not talking about a stick being equal to a stick. Rather, if two objects are equal, than the â€Å"Equal† must exist and be a thing. The Eq ual is the equivalent to the Universal because the

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Zen And Pure Land Buddhism - 1584 Words

Introduction After the death of the historical Buddha occurred and his lineage had ended with Buddha Sakyamuni, his teachings spread in two main directions, southward (Theravada tradition) and eastward into China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan (Mahayana tradition). In East Asia, these teachings developed into ten different schools, several of which remain important to this day: Zen, Tantric and Pure Land (Li 4 April 2016). These schools of thought differ in many ways but also have overlapping similarities. In my essay, I will explain three underlying differences and similarities between Zen and Pure Land Buddhism and its relation to emptiness and compassion. The differences the reader will encounter will be the role of language, the role of practice, and approaches towards life and death. While there are many differences, there also lay similarities, including śŠ«nyatÄ  (emptiness), bodhisattva’s compassion and ono-mama or sono-mama (isness or suchness). 2. The Role of Language Zen’s school of thought in the context of language is seen through jiriki (self-power).The koan, one of the foundation of zen learning, uses its approach by believing that one must embody and realize the koan (Shinran PG#). Realizing the koan means to comprehend and embody Zen meditation completely. The goal of Zen Buddhism is to look towards the future, searching to attain satori (awakening). Through jiriki nembutsu (self-power chanting) the person is hakarai (calculating) their spiritual and materialShow MoreRelatedZen And Pure Land Buddhism1470 Words   |  6 PagesA brief comparison between Zen and Pure Land Buddhism, both of these are very popular amongst the Vietnamese community. The word Zen has been used many times in the West, due to the hard work of Japanese culture; Zen Buddhism does not have a strong influence as that of the Pure Land Buddhism. Also in the school of Zen, they reject claims of scriptural authority and embrace many different practices. Zen Bud dhism rests on claims to an exclusive lineage that has been passed down from teacherRead MoreFinding A Middle Way Between Zen And Pure Land Buddhism1692 Words   |  7 PagesFinding a Middle Way between Zen and Pure Land Buddhism Introduction After the death of the historical Buddha occurred and his lineage had ended with Buddha Sakyamuni, his teachings spread in two main directions, southward (Theravada tradition) and eastward into China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan (Mahayana tradition)(Blake 16 March 2016). In East Asia, these teachings developed into ten different schools, several of which remain important to this day: Zen, Tantric and Pure Land (Li 4 April 2016). TheseRead MoreThe New York Buddhist Church1640 Words   |  7 PagesBuddhists : â€Å"Zen is not the answer† On October 24, 2015 the New York Buddhist Church was holding an Autumn Festival Service. Amanda and I attended the event from 12-4 pm. This Buddhist Church in particular is Jodoshinshu Buddhism which originated in Japan. This type of Buddhism is also called Shin Buddhism for short, within the school of True Pure Land Buddhism, which is based on Mahayana Buddhism. The main temple is in Kyoto, Japan and was founded by Shinran Shonin. This type of Buddhism is practicedRead MoreBuddhism s Teachings On Zen Buddhism1591 Words   |  7 Pageshowever, differs depending on the perspective from which one views Buddhism. Dogen, in his teachings on Zen Buddhism, promotes the practice of zazen to reach enlightenment. Shinran and the Pure Land sect are devoted to Amida Buddha, who they believe will bring them to the Pure Land, and enlightenment. The ways espoused by Dogen and Shinran are similar in some aspects, but differing enough in others to warrant the separate sects of Buddhism in Japan. Fo r the purposes of this examination, the two sectsRead MoreThe Spread of Buddhism Essay1149 Words   |  5 PagesSpread of Buddhism Buddhism is a philosophy, a moral code, and, for some a religious faith which originated in 530 BC in India. Buddhism evolved as a modification of Hinduism when Hinduism started to become very complicated due to too many sacrifices in the name of God. Today, an estimated 300 million people follow one of the many varieties of Buddhism. Budda, or Siddhartha Guatama which means the awakened one had the religion named after him because he founded the ideas behind Buddhism. BuddaRead More A Brief History of Japanese Religion Essay3970 Words   |  16 Pagesclimate there was hospitable to the teaching of the Buddha, and soon Buddhism was counted along with Taoism and Confucianism as one of the major religions of the period. The Chinese interpreted the Buddhist texts in a new light, and Chinese Buddhism began to take on its own distinctive character. Around 600 CE, Chinese Buddhist missionaries made their way through Korea to Japan. Thus, around one millennium after the founding of Buddhism, the Japanese were first exposed to its teachings and philosophiesRead MoreSimilarities And Differences Between Mahayana And Two Major Branches Of Buddhism1281 Words   |  6 Pages In Buddhism, the two major branches are the Theravada and Mahayana. Theravada is known as the â€Å"tradition of the elders.† Mahayana is called the â€Å"large vehicle.† Mahayana Buddhist came about after the first Buddhist council split. The second Buddhist council began a hundred years after the death of the Buddha. The councils came together to discuss the differences in buddha orders in which some Monks believed. They talked about the true meaning behind the Buddha teachings and certain practices. MonksRead MoreZen Gardens Essay1489 Words   |  6 PagesZen Gardens Zen Buddhism began to show up in Japan during the eighth century. It went through various periods of popularity and disregard, but constituted one of the most important influences on Japanese culture. All Buddhist temples include gardens. The first temple gardens evolved from well-groomed landscaping around Shinto shrines. Later, the gates and grounds surrounding Buddhist temples began to use gardens to beautify the temple, similar to the Heian mansion gardensRead MoreEssay about The Evolution of Buddhism 1182 Words   |  5 PagesBuddhism is a unique religion that bestows upon its members that their actions accumulate karma and too much bad karma leads to rebirth. A person reaches Nirvana (also known as heaven) when achieving enlightenment and is no longer subjected to rebirth. Buddhism also believes there is no one almighty god, but rather many gods, which they refer to as deities. Dharma is commonly known as the sacred teachings of a deity. The Buddha is onl y born in certain situations that members are in need of re-teachingRead More Buddhist Art in Japan Essay2023 Words   |  9 PagesBuddhist Art in Japan Buddhism had an important role in the development of Japanese art between the sixth and the sixteenth centuries. Buddhist art and religion came to Japan from China, with the arrival of a bronze Buddhist sculpture alongside the sutras. Buddhist art was encouraged by Crown Prince Taishi in the Suiko period in the sixth century and Emperor Shomu in the Nara period in the eighth century. In the early Heian period Buddhist art and architecture greatly influenced the traditional

Should Prostitution Be Legalized - 889 Words

Prostitution has been described as one of the oldest professions know to man. Although women inparticular have had the ability to sell their bodies in order to gain assets doing so has not only been frowned upon but illegal. Some find this option as a last resort. They have depleted resources and don’t know where else to turn. Many argue that morally prostitution is wrong and they may have merit in saying so. Despite this prostitution should be legalized not only because women should have the right to do what they want with their bodies but also in order to better protect the people who decide to pursue this practice. A concern that distresses a majority of people regarding prostitution is the â€Å"psychological damage† that can be caused by selling oneself. This argument is validated by the statistics produced by prostitutes. They are not only more likely to commit suicide(almost six times the normal rate of an average American)but are more likely to struggle with de pression and insomnia. They also often reported that they felt guilt and remorse after selling sex. This is all pretty convincing evidence that prostitution does cause psychological issues but maybe the issues come from the stigma that is attached to prostitution and not prostitution itself. To explain this more accurately I would like to look at the homosexual population. In Moen’s article â€Å"Is prostitution harmful?† he goes into detail about the gay community and their psychological well being. BeforeShow MoreRelatedShould Prostitution Be Legalized?1406 Words   |  6 PagesProstitution is one of the largest controversial issue facing the United States. The definition of prostitution, according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, is the act or practice of engaging in sexual relations especially for the money. Prostitution has been constantly bashed by the media and is currently legal in only one state. In this state, only one county has banned prostitution. Why is it illegal? What is wrong with prostitution that has made it illegal? These are the important questions thatRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legalized?1048 Words   |  5 PagesWalker May,15,2015 Should prostitution be legalized? Most of us have heard of prostitution and the controversial opinions of people whether it should be legalized or not. The fact is that prostitution has been practiced for many years regardless of its legality. As defined in the dictionary prostitution is the exchange of sex for money. Out of the 50 states in the U.S., Nevada is the only states were prostitution is legal. On the other hand, in some European countries prostitution is not illegal andRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legalized?1111 Words   |  5 PagesProstitution has been around for a very long time. There has been great debates over the last few decades about prostitution law reform. It is accepted by some, denied by others, or just forbidden. Prostitution is that one thing that people do and does not get brought up for discussion after the fact. It is what some people call dirty and distasteful. But prostitution whether legalized or not will continue to happen. I will argue that prostitution should be legalized becaus e it would bring more benefitRead MoreShould Prostitution be Legalized?1658 Words   |  7 PagesProstitution is an issue that has been debated in many countries. 22 countries have legalized prostitution. In the United States, prostitution is only legal in 11 rural counties in Nevada. It used to be legal in Rhode Island due to a loophole, but since 2009, it has been illegal. Women are not the only ones who are prostitutes, about 20 to 30% of prostitutes are male, which means both genders are affected by laws against prostitution. Men and women should be allowed to choose how they want to useRead MoreProstitution Should Be Legalized?1072 Words   |  5 PagesProstitution in America Some consider prostitution to be evil, sin incarnated. They believe that the act of fornication with an unknown and unloved person is unholy and should be punishable. They may believe that those who are prostitutes are not human, but instead creatures that have given into their most primal lust. To give into the carnal temptation of sex, and to resolve it through means that are not considered normal, sentences one to eternal damnation. Or so some believe, and I respect theirRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legalized?1663 Words   |  7 PagesDecriminalizing prostitution in the United States will be a hazard to the nation. Prostitution has been often called one of the oldest jobs in the world. However, it has been illegal in nearly all societies throughout history. Currently, there have been various countries where prostitution has been legalized by the government, allowing people over eighteen year olds to work as prostitutes legally. Nonetheless, those countries have had several neg ative effects following the legalization of prostitution. NeverthelessRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legalized?1725 Words   |  7 PagesProstitution Should Be Legalized Some say prostitution is the world s oldest profession. Yet, only a small percentage of the world’s government allows it. The legalization of prostitution is a very controversial topic due to many people’s moral beliefs. Prostitutes all over the world are treated as outcasts. A reason for people to be against prostitution could be due to their religious beliefs, moral standpoints, or lack of knowledge over the subject. Many religions state that sex outside of marriageRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legalized?1188 Words   |  5 PagesShould Prostitution be legalized? Prostitution is defined as the engaging in, or agreeing to engage in, sexual conduct for a fee. Women are pushed into entering prostitution for many reasons including lack of education, poverty, and personal choice. Prostitution is currently illegal, but there is much controversy surrounding this issue. Picture in your mind this scenario: Jane is a 26 year old single woman who makes her living working the streets as a prostitute. She is clean, and is tested regularlyRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legalized?1537 Words   |  7 PagesProfessor Petretto English 111 15 Nov. 2016 Should Prostitution be Legalized? Prostitution has been and may always be one of the most controversial topics in the United States. While there are some who argue that prostitution should be legalized, others do not agree with this theory. Some advocates argue that prostitution is a victimless crime and that it should be a decision that one chooses on his or her own. They also believe that the legalization of prostitution will minimize crime, increase tax revenueRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legalized?1411 Words   |  6 PagesShould prostitution be Legalized? Whether or not prostitution should be legalized is, for some, a morally plagued question. The value society puts on sex can directly affect whether or not legalization will be considered. Even within Europe there is a drift. While France has banned prostitution it is legal in Germany, and has been since 2002. Is France morally outstanding, or is there something more to prostitution then what generally thought? The legalization of prostitution will affect many other

Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions

Question: Discuss about the Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions. Answer: Introduction: In the present case, Mr Bright has undergone a coronary angioplasty for treating the stenotic coronary arteries of the heart. Angioplasty is referred to the minimally invasive endovascular procedure undertaken for widening obstructed or narrowed veins or arteries, usually for treating arterial atherosclerosis (Wald, 2013). A Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) has been performed with stable coronary artery disease for the reduction of chest pain (Levine et al., 2013). A possible medical complication related to angioplasty is impaired tissue perfusion related to haematoma formation or bleeding. Bleeding occurring in relation to procedures like angioplasty and stent insertion for treating coronary syndromes is common in many cases, and this has emerged as a major issue in the management of patients who have coronary syndromes (Sanborn et al., 2015). Bleeding after angioplasty holds significant implications for prognosis, patient outcomes and healthcare costs. Evidences point out t hat patients who have major bleeding episodes are at a high risk of major complications and even death in the following months if not checked (Sanborn et al., 2013). Different mechanisms underlie the relation between, blood transfusion, femoral bleeding and increased mortality. Relentless haemorrhage directly increases the risk of death by virtue of hemodynamic compromise, and this is witnessed more in patients who have a poor cardiac reserve and other rigorous comorbidities (Aradi et al., 2015). It is pivotal for the health care professionals to carry out a suitable nursing assessment on the patient in relation with impaired tissue perfusion and bleeding. The most important assessment that is to be done for identifying signs of bleeding is the assessment of the puncture site for bruises. Any bruise appearing at the puncture site and around it is a serious problem and is an indication of femoral artery leakage (Al Azzoni et al., 2017). People have chances of bleeding to death from such kind of bleeding and therefore are to be presented to the emergency room. The second most important assessment for the patient would be an assessment for numbness and/or weakness in the extremities in the legs and arms where the catheter had been inserted. Such swelling and numbness in the legs or arms may be signs of improper blood circulation and hematoma (Kaplow, 2015). A patient suffering from type II diabetes has major implications for bleeding. Hyperglycemia, or increased blood glucose level is highly associated with enhanced platelet activation, thrombin formation and fibrin clot in patients having acute coronary syndrome. Several mechanisms have been related to the disadvantageous impact of hyperglycemia in patients with acute myocardial ischemia such as the activation of blood coagulation and blood platelets, increased oxidative stress, increased inflammation, and dysfunction of endothelial cell (Bhatty et al., 2011). In the present scenario, the patient Mr Bright had been successfully assessed by the nurses for any presenting bruises and swelling or numbness in the feet as the patient had been subjected to the angioplasty procedure with the stent being inserted in the leg. Mr.Bright is found to be suffering from Type II Diabetes Mellitus. The patient was therefore correctly assessed for blood glucose level that forms a major element of patient assessment after angioplasty pertaining to blood clotting. Significant bleeding occurring at the puncture site is an indication of major complication and needs instantaneous assessment and proper treatment. Computed Tomography (CT) is the imaging modality advised for the detection of size and location of hematomas (Harris, 2016). A hematoma is referred to the collection of blood clotting outside a certain blood vessel. It takes place when the blood vessels wall, capillary, vein or artery has been subjected to damage and blood has come out into the nearby surrounding (Almenawer et al., 2014). CT is done for identifying resultant significant bleeding that requires surgical intervention. The bleeding can spread in a number of ways, and the most common ones are retroperitoneal and groin bleeding. The spread of the bleeding can lead to further complications in the patient. It is, therefore, necessary to conduct a CT for assessing the size and location of hematoma since hematoma is usually not visible. Oozing from the puncture site indicates poten tial bleeding, and therefore the patient needs to be assessed for oozing from the puncture site. The patient needs to be assessed for the vital signs at regular intervals. The rationale behind this is that bradycardia, fluctuating blood pressure response and hypertension is all signs of retroperitoneal bleeding. Such bleeding refers to the accumulation of blood in the retroperitoneal space (Sanborn et al., 2015). In the present case, CT is a key nursing assessment that was not performed on Mr Bright in relation to bleeding and hematoma. In addition, the patient was also not checked for pressure dressing for bleeding or oozing from the puncture site. Moreover, the vital signs of the patient were also not recorded after the angioplasty procedure that is an essential part of the nursing assessment for a patient. As a nurse at the ward in a tertiary healthcare facility where the patient, Mr Harry Bright has been admitted after undergoing an angioplasty this communication is regarding the patients need for consultation for a doctor after complaining of chest pain. The patient has undergone an angioplasty procedure to his left coronary artery. The patient is now suffering from chest pain and needs immediate interventions. Patient name- Harry Bright Age- 65 year old, height- 175 cm, weight- 100 kg, BMI- 32 (obese) Past medical history-Patient had been suffering from increasing frequency unstable angina, Type II diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia. The patient is a regular smoker with 20 cigs/day and is an occasional drinker. CNS- Grossly intact Abdomen- soft, non-tender, no mass Allergies- Nil Procedure underwent- The patient has undergone a coronary artery angioplasty. A drug-eluting stent has been placed, and there had been 10% residual stenosis at the site. The procedure of angioplasty was a difficult one for the patient. Cardiac monitoring at the time of placement of the stent has revealed some myocardial ischaemia. The sheath has been removed after the surgery. Recurrent angina that is chest pain or chest discomfort may occur after the stent implantation in coronary artery angioplasty in certain cases. Mr Bright is suffering such recurrent angina. This may be due to severe coronary spasm. Due to stent implantation, the blood vessels are dilated and extensively stretched. As a result, they are sored, and inflammation occurs like a cut in the skin. Until complete healing takes place, the vessels may undergo spasm since there are massive irritation and inflammation. The patient, in this case, must be having bouts of coronary spasm, giving rise to angina. The chest pain after the coronary intervention is most likely to be of benign character. The pain may also be indicative of acute coronary artery closure or myocardial infarction. However, chances are there that the chest pain that the patient has been suffering is due to local coronary artery trauma. A distinction done between these two conditions is vital for optimal care delivery (Olson, 20 14). Commonly, patients undergoing percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) and exhibiting chest pain have distinct lesion sites that suggest that the pain is either due to coronary arterial wall stretching or due to coronary artery spasm. The frequency of the chest pain after implantation of the stent may be higher that prior to the stenting (Monreal Blevins-McNaughton, 2017). The chest pain for Mr Bright is without any signs of ischemia. However, ischemia was indicated at the time of angioplasty. Non-ischemic chest pain after insertion of a stent is due to the severe stretching of the arterial wall as a result of the stent being inserted at the position. The reason is the minimised elastic recoiling after PTCA. Recommendation Appropriate measures are to be taken for controlling the chest pain suffered by the patient. The patient is to be administered Nitroglycerin for the treatment of high blood pressure and controlling chances of heart attack. Nitroglycerin is a nitrate acting by widening or relaxing the blood vessels. Chest pain results from a deficit of oxygen and widening of the blood vessels would allow easy flow of blood. The patient is not allergic to any food or medication and therefore can be prescribed nitroglycerin. The prescribed medications administered to the patient are Metformin, Aspirin and Clopidogrel and therefore their interaction with nitroglycerin is to be assessed. The patient does not suffer from anaemia, low blood volume or low blood pressure. Nitroglycerin may lead to light-headedness, blurred vision or dizziness. Interventions are to be provided for checking these symptoms (Bellchambers et al., 2016). Vital signs are to be monitored at regular intervals and recorded accurately. The patient is to be assessed for signs of chills, fever, numbness, tingling or coolness in the leg where the puncture has been done. The stimulus triggering increased pain are to be identified and avoided. Morphine may be administered if required (Macdonald et al., 2016). The patient is to be given a healthy diet to promote healing and recovery. Antacids may be given to relieve pain. The patient is also to be supported with mobility in order to facilitate recovery. Repositioning may be considered for relieving pain (Matthews, 2017). References Al Azzoni, A. M., Macrae, E., Renu, S., Alzayer, H., Patel, C., Schwalm, J. D., ... Natarajan, M. (2017). Assessment of the safety of performing coronary angioplasty without interrupting oral anticoagulants.Journal of the American College of Cardiology,69(11), 1156. Almenawer, S. A., Farrokhyar, F., Hong, C., Alhazzani, W., Manoranjan, B., Yarascavitch, B., ... Singh, S. (2014). 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